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Association plans beer, wine walks for October

The Downtown Abbeville Merchants Association is planning a wine walk and a beer walk for the month of October, according to Association president Jennifer Creswell.

The wine walk will be on October 17, and will be called Vino in the Ville.

The beer walk, Boos and Brews, will be on October 30.

Both events will be in downtown Abbeville. Tickets are $20, and can be purchased online at Eventbrite, or at Breezy Quarters, or As We Grow Boutique in Abbeville.

The format is by now a familiar one. At each stop on the walk, the participant will be able to get a drink of a particular wine or beer, and at the end of the walk, is expected to be given a commemorative glass.

The stops are typically places of business in downtown Abbeville, and the events have often drawn hundreds of people to the sights and sounds of the heart of the city.

This will be the last ticketed event for the Association for the year.

Autumn display outside the Abbeville Welcome Center
This scarecrow highlights an autumn display outside the Abbeville welcome center.

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