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CF farmers market project gets rave review

A prominent member of the Calhoun Falls community is giving a positive review for a project to build a pavilion for the Calhoun Falls farmers market.

The pavilion, which organizers hope will provide shelter for vendors and market activities, is being constructed at a location on Tugaloo Street near downtown Calhoun Falls.

"I think it's an awesome project, and I'm looking forward to fresh local produce for our community," said Faye Crocker, who was on a committee to help plan the pavilion project.

"I'm thankful for the leadership that Wilder provided," she said, referring to Wilder Ferreira, one of the project's organizers.

Ferreira is the director of the Freshwater Coast Center for Rural Development.

"I'm very thankful to all the contributors to the project," Crocker said.

The pavilion project represents a collaboration between the Town of Calhoun Falls and the Freshwater Coast Community Foundation.

The committee planning the project included Faye Crocker, Stephen Pettigrew, Robert Hester, Lee Logan, Chris Cowan, Wayne Pless, Mindy Rogers and Ferreira.

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