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CF Police launch drug investigation

The Calhoun Falls Police Department is conducting a drug-related investigation, according to reports.

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, members of the Calhoun Falls Police Department, with the assistance of the Abbeville County Sheriff's Office, conducted a search warrant on a residence in Calhoun Falls, according to Calhoun Falls Police Sergeant Benjamin Dockins.

The search warrant was due to an alleged distribution of methamphetamine from the residence, he said.

During the search, an illegally modified shotgun was found, as well as methamphetamine, marijuana and ecstasy, as well as various paraphernalia. Three subjects were taken into custody on related charges, Dockins continued.

The subjects included two females and a male, but the names were not released. Dockins said that the matter is still under investigation, and more arrests may be forthcoming.

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