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City of Abbeville probing roll cart operations

The City of Abbeville is reevaluating its roll cart policy, a City official said recently.

The City is in the process of securing an automated side arm residential garbage truck, said Fran Anderson, Assistant City Manager, Wednesday.

"We have leased it, but it had to be built," she said. "We're hoping it will be by the end of June that we will have it."

One reason for the side arm is that the City

believes it will be safer for employees using it.

"No one will have to ride on the outside of this vehicle," she said.

The City has placed information on its website on how City residents should place their roll carts by the curb for pick up by the truck.

"We will be distributing written information to our citizens," she added.

The City is considering purchasing roll carts for recycling, to replace the recycling bins the City is currently using.

That will probably have to be done in phases, she said.

The side arm truck cannot pick up the current bins, and it would allow us to be more efficient, and allow us to pick up recycling materials every other week rather than every week.

The recycling roll carts will, in time, pay for themselves if the City decides to go with that option.

No firm decision for roll carts has been made by the City yet, Anderson continued.

"We're still in the planning stages for that," she said.

If the City decides to purchase the recycling roll carts, the current bins could begin to be replaced as soon as this summer," Anderson continued.

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