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City of Abbeville reviving Yard of Month program

The City of Abbeville is in the process of reviving its Yard of the Month program.

City Council discussed the program last week at its regular meeting for the month of August, and City Manager Blake Stone noted that it was Mayor Pro Tem Faye Thomas who spearheaded the effort to bring back the program, which recognizes the best kept yards in the City by District.

It encourages property owners to keep their property looking neat and trim.

The contest ran for a number of years before being discontinued.

"Changes in leadership and personnel ultimately led to its demise," said Abbeville Mayor Delano Freeman Wednesday.

During the years it ran, a Yard of the Month was selected for each of the City's City Council districts during the spring and summer.

"Each City Council member selected a judge," and judges helped to select Yard of the Month in districts other than the ones in which they resided.

The discussion at the meeting last week brought forth a wealth of questions and suggestions.

Council member Jason Edwards wondered, for example, if the City could have a special yard decoration contest for Christmas.

The City Council members agreed that it would be best to keep the contest clear of family favoritism.

People did work hard to win the coveted sign in their front yard, said Mayor Delano Freeman of the contest.

"This thing does get competitive," said Freeman during the meeting.

He called on Council members to continue to brainstorm about the contest, and the details are expected to be announced at a later date.

Faye Thomas summed it all up.

"When our city looks good, we (Abbevillians) look good," she said.

"We're going to do a pilot in District Two, which is Ms. Thomas's district," since Thomas has already been spearheading the project, said Freeman Wednesday.

The yards in District Two will be judged in August, with the winner to be announced in September.

The other districts are expected to become involved beginning in 2021, the Mayor said Wednesday.

Ms. Sarah Power receives yard of the month award in District 2.
Mayor Pro Tem and District 2 Councilwoman Faye Thomas presented Ms. Sarah Power with yard of the month.

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