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Abbeville County School District provides figures on referendum's taxation impact

What is the estimated total cost of the referendum?

Abbeville County School District Finance Director Roni Scott provided figures at the Feb. 26 school board meeting to provide an answer to that question.

It was all in the context of helping voters make informed choices in the upcoming Abbeville County School District referendum on April 28.

If voters say yes to Question 1 on the referendum, that will translate into an additional 51 mills. Added to the current 23 mill burden, that translates into 74 mills.

If voters say "yes" to Questions 1 and 2, it would translate into an additional 62.5 mills, for a total of 85.5 mills.

For the owner of a $100,000 house, that translates into a total of $296 if Question 1 alone passes.

If Question 1 and 2 both pass, the burden is $342.

Question 1, of course, is expected to be as follows (as agreed upon in a Feb. 11 school board meeting):

"Question One asks the voters if the school board should be allowed to issue general obligation bonds of up to $63.2 million for the following capital projects:

"Construction and equipping a new county-wide high school including land acquisition,

"Renovating and improving the existing Dixie High School to become a middle school,

"Renovating and improving John C. Calhoun Elementary School to address security and other life safety issues?"

Question 2 is slated to read as follows:

"If and only if Question 1 above is approved, shall the Board of Trustees of Abbeville County School District (the 'School District') be empowered to issue, at one time or from time to time, general obligation bonds of the School District, in a principal amount of not exceeding $9.2 million, the proceeds of which shall be used for the following capital projects:

"Constructing and equipping a new football stadium complex to include a track and related facilities on the campus of the new county-wide high school?"

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