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Dixie hoping to start wrestling program

There is considerable interest at Dixie High School in starting a wrestling program, said Abbeville County School District Interim Superintendent Dr. Mason Gary on Tuesday, indicating that he would support such a program if the conditions were right.

Wrestling is a contact sport, of course. The coronavirus pandemic is still very much present, and the highly contagious coronavirus might not mesh well with contact sports.

“We just have to continue to monitor COVID,” he said.

So far, the possibility of having wrestling at Dixie is still in the discussion stage.

“If things improve (in terms of COVID) we could have it this winter,” he said.

“We’re planning to start one,” said Dixie athletic director Vic Lollis Tuesday.

Coach Anthony Martin would be the head coach, he said.

Dixie hopes to get the program started this year. “Were ready to go forward with it,” he said.

All the matches would be “away” matches this year, if the program were to get started.

Gary was slated to mention the matter at last night’s school board meeting, and to provide updates on District athletic events and their adjustments in the age of COVID-19.

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