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Due West Lions donate masks to schools

The Due West Lions recently made donations of masks to a number of local schools.

Cherokee Trail and Diamond Hill Elementary schools and Dixie High School all received donations of the masks.

"We collected over 2,400 masks, and we distributed them among the three schools," said Joyce Cunningham, past president of the club.

Many of the masks were donated by club members, and "Charles Angel and the Due West Robotics team also donated 375 of the masks to assist in the effort," she said.

Lion John Simpson had previously helped the Robotics to adopt a section of local highway, and the Robotics kids returned the favor with the mask donation, Cunningham continued.

Due West Lions Club member Angel is the president of Due West Robotics.

The masks will be used mainly by the students at the schools, and donations also include face shields, which can be used by staff members at the schools.

The mask collection effort took place in a very small space of time, according to Cunningham.

"We did it within a week," she said.

Due West Lions Club president Amos Cunningham and first vice president Mark Fulghum helped with distributing masks to the schools," she said.

"The schools were very appreciative, because they're using a lot of masks," she said.

Currently, the club has 58 members, and due to the pandemic, the group meets on the second Thursday of each month via teleconference.

"The members are continuing to honor the motto of 'We Serve' by helping others in the community," she said.

Anyone interested in becoming a Lion is welcome to contact the local club, she continued.

Due West Lions Effie Jordan (left) and Amos Cunningham hold up a banner: "Due West Lions Club"
Due West Lions donated masks to local schools to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

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