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Edwards wins in Abbeville runoff

Mayor's race

The City of Abbeville will be getting a new mayor -- Trey Edwards.

Voters in the City of Abbeville went to the polls yesterday for a runoff in the Mayor's race between incumbent Delano Freeman and challenger Trey Edwards, and Edwards was victorious.

Edwards won by 402 votes to 328 for Freeman, said Abbeville County voter registration and elections director Kim London.

Voter turnout was 21.95 percent -- high for a runoff.

"We had 345 absentees," said London.

In Abbeville One, Edwards had 136 votes, and Freeman 109.

In Abbeville Two, Edwards had 145, and Freeman 113.

In Abbeville Three, Edwards had 94 votes, and Freeman 81.

In Abbeville Four, Edwards had 27, and Freeman 25.

All the voting was done at the Abbeville County Administrative Complex in Abbeville.

"I want to thank everyone who came out and supported us," said Edwards. "It's Abbeville, it's not just me."

Edwards currently serves on Abbeville City Council, having been elected to Council in 2018.

He grew up in Abbeville, and graduated from AHS in 1989, and he is a construction manager for Century Contractors based in Matthews, N.C.

He has a fiancé, Jennifer Swearingen, of Abbeville.

"I could not have done it without her," he said.

"It's an honor," he said of being elected. "I've listened to the citizens of Abbeville, and that's how I want to move forward."

Edwards is expected to be sworn in at the December council meeting.

"Hats off to Mr. Edwards, and everybody else who was in the race," said Freeman, adding that he wishes the best for Edwards and the rest of City Council.

"As for me, it's on to the next chapter. I'll be enrolling in grad school and continuing with my military career."

The Mayor's race had originally featured four candidates. In addition to Edwards and Freeman, Eric Delgado and Josh Baughman were in the race, which was nonpartisan.


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