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Football season options still under discussion

The AHS football team will be moving to a new phase of conditioning, according to AHS head football coach Jamie Nickles.

"On August 3, we will be moving to Phase 1.5," said Nickles.

That means that the AHS football practice pods will increase in size from 10 people to 16 people, and they will be able to practice with a football.

"They can't wear helmets," said Nickles. No football equipment other than the football may be used.

No tackling will be allowed, of course.

On August 10, there will be a vote on an appellate panel associated with the High School League to see whether football will be played in the fall or the spring.

The decision will affect spring and fall sports statewide.

The tentative date for fall practice for football and volleyball and all fall sports is August 17.

Thus, whether the South Carolina High School League will provide for a football season this fall is a question that is still being decided.

A plan from Lexington called for football, as a contact sport, to be moved to the spring, with "spring sports" switched to the fall.

The League had adopted a plan to keep football in the fall, with fall practices to start on or after August 17, and the first game of an abbreviated season to start on Sept. 11.

The High School League had initially rejected the Lexington plan, but that decision had been appealed.

An appellate panel from the League had been scheduled to discuss the Lexington plan this past Wednesday, July 22, but made no decision, option to continue the discussion on August 10.

The head football coach indicated that he would like to see football played in the fall, but he is flexible.

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