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Letter to the editor: Jim Grant

Voting is the most important civic duty, other than answering the call for jury duty that you can do to serve your community. I ask all who may read this editorial to answer that call.

I will personally be glad the election will be over on November 3, 2020 and there will be NO MORE political ads. No more candidates lying to the public about the other person, and no more talk about absentee voting.

The election this year will decide if America will be great again or if we will fall to the abyss. Choose wisely for the future of our children and the future of America.

I am pro-life. I do not support the idea to kill babies just before they are born. This is the democrat way, not the American way. I am pro-gun. The constitution gives you the right to arm yourself. Why should only criminals and the police have the guns?

Democrats believe in putting liberal judges on the Supreme Court to rewrite the constitution and take guns away from us. How do we protect ourselves? Again, removing guns from law-abiding citizens is the democrat way, not the American way.

Why are American funds supporting the criminal aliens who are illegally in this country and not the true Americans who need that support? Finally, this is the democrat way and not the American way.

Do you wonder why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are funneling millions of dollars into Jaime Harrison’s campaign?

How about this theory:

In 2021, Trump is re-elected. The House, which is controlled by the democrats, will again impeach the president. If the Senate is controlled by the democrats, then they will remove him from office. The House votes on the articles of impeachment and the Senate votes on either removing or staying the president. Democrats win without winning the election and America loses.

How about this theory: Biden wins the election. He will be removed within six months due to his inability to function as the Commander-in-Chief. Next in line is Harris.

Wait a minute; her parents were student visa parents. That would make her an unnatural born US citizen. She is not qualified to be president.

Third in line is OLD Nancy Pelosi. We are all in trouble and the America we once knew is in the potty. Democrats win and America loses again. See the ugly picture now?

Think before you vote. The Republican Party is bringing back jobs to American citizens, not illegal aliens. They are protecting the babies that will soon be born instead of doctors removing them part by part, and they are keeping taxes to a minimum so that the common people can afford to pay their bills and have a normal life with their families.

This party is ready to stop the looting, rioting and burning of our cities and towns (also called peaceful protests) by the democrats. This party wants to re-open America and get you and many others back to work and society back to the great country our Father, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters fought for.

Where do you stand? Do not waste your vote by voting for Donald Trump and Jamie Harrison. Those two votes will cancel each other. The media is not going to tell you the truth. They only care about reporting their version of the truth. Journalism is supposed to be about who, what, when, where, and how of the story.

This is my take on the future of this great country. You may agree or not agree. This is the American way. This is what we should see and fight for. God bless you, your family and the American way of life.

Jim Grant, an American

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