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Letter to the editor: Jim Irwin

Easter has come and gone! Usually a time of happiness and enjoyment! An Easter egg basket from your county landfill director if he gets county council to approve his new proposal! It could be a basket of rotten eggs at the property owners’ expense!

The landfill director wants council to include $200,000 in the upcoming budget to buy two dump trailers to haul trash from Oconee County to our county landfill to make himself look good -- and fill up our county landfill. He will need more than $200,000 because he will have to hire additional help plus a truck to haul the trash plus other equipment. This would increase the cost to approximately one million dollars.

All of this is going to be brought up at a budget workshop meeting this month. This is supposed to be a test trial for one year!! You as property owners will pay for the dream team expense! The population of Oconee County is 77,270 and Abbeville County is 24,722. County Council should put a stop to the proposal now!

The Coronavirus continues to increase. People are being laid off from their jobs and businesses are closing. Many will lose their homes. The county director and landfill director need to understand this is not time to spend our money. We have never had this type of earring for the county. These two people need to forget it now. The landfill director does not live in Abbeville County and pays no property taxes in Abbeville County!! This is a dumb move! Four Council persons are having to run again for their positions in the upcoming election! If council votes to approve what the landfill director wants—three have oppositions, therefore vote them out!!

The county director has continued to add fees and short-term bonds over the past three years. Abbeville County is in the process of reassessment of all property in Abbeville County at the tune of 15% increase in taxes! We have no new business! The property owners are going to be charged again.

A portion of the people cannot afford all these increases and will lose their homes. Council does not care if you lose your homes!

Council needs to kill it at the budget workshop and, if not, vote the council out of office in the upcoming primary election.

This not the time to increase taxes!

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