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Number of positive cases on rise in Abbeville County

The number of positive cases of COVID-19 has risen in Abbeville County to 33, according to recent DHEC figures.

As of Sunday, May 3, Abbeville County had a total of 33 positive cases, but no COVID-19 related deaths.

Among its neighboring counties, Anderson has 171 positive cases, with eight deaths, Greenwood with 55 positive cases, but no deaths.

McCormick County had six cases and one death, and Laurens 40 cases and two deaths.

In the state as a whole, there were 6,626 positive cases and 275 deaths.

The update comes as the state of South Carolina takes steps to "reopen," with reports this past weekend of people flocking to beaches and state parks.

These steps are being taken as the number of positive cases in South Carolina continues to rise.

Can the Palmetto State balance the need for public safety with the need for a measure of economic stability?

The question surrounding South Carolina and its plans to reopen comes against a backdrop of grim headlines on the national scene.

Those headlines offer the sobering prediction that there could be a "second wave" of coronavirus in the fall, a wave which could be worse than the current one.

Many point to the Spanish flu pandemic of a century ago, a pandemic whose second wave was worse than the first.

Experts are saying that the coronavirus is not going away anytime soon, and that it could be with us for months or even years.

The race is on for a vaccine, but how soon will it be ready, and how can we be sure it will work?

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