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Referendum postponed

All elections through April affected

The Abbeville County School District referendum that had been scheduled for April 28 is being postponed, as are other local elections which had been scheduled in coming weeks.

"All elections through the end of April are postponed until further notice," said Abbeville County voter registration and elections director Kim London. "Voters will still be able to request absentee applications. As soon as the Governor's Office lifts the election postponement, I am sure the elections will be rescheduled."

In addition to the referendum, in which voters would have had their say about funding a construction package including plans for a consolidated high school, a Due West town council election was scheduled for the end of March to fill the unexpired term of the late Harry Stille, who passed away in early January, and a school board election to fill the unexpired term of Mark Peeler, whose resignation from the board, due to personal reasons, was announced earlier this year, have been postponed, with a new date to be announced.

London added that if County offices ultimately close due to the coronavirus threat, the voter registration office, located on the second floor of the County Administrative Complex in Abbeville, will remain "available for any candidates wishing to file through March 30."

These individuals need to call the voter registration office first at 366-2400 extension 53, and then they will be allowed in the building by a voter registration employee.

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