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School District currently experiencing shortfall

The Abbeville County School District is currently $100,000 short, District finance director Roni Scott told school board trustees last week.

The shortfall is due to a reduction in the amount of tax revenue for the school district and a reduction in state revenue due to a decrease in the number of students in the School District, she told the trustees.

"We expect to get some more tax dollars in," Scott said Tuesday. "We just don't know how much."

The shortfall was not entirely unexpected, she said, noting that the trustees had approved a budget for fiscal year 2019-2020 which included money from the District's reserves.

This inclusion was made because the state had mandated, for example, significant pay raises for teachers, raises for which the District was to share in the cost, Scott continued.

The District should be getting another allocation of tax dollars in mid-September, an allocation which could ideally help to ease or even eliminate the shortfall.

"We will have a budget workshop on Sept. 17 for the 2020-2021 fiscal year," she said.

At this workshop, the trustees are expected to look at proposed state appropriations which are expected to be finalized later in the year, Scott continued.


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