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State Supreme Court overrules appeals court

The South Carolina Supreme Court has overruled an appeals court and has said that Erskine does not have to pay former professor William Crenshaw, according to published reports.

Erskine will not have to pay former professor $600,000 in a tenure lawsuit.

The case started in 2010 when Dr. William Crenshaw, who was at that time an English professor at Erskine, intervened when he saw a student appear to need medical attention.

After Crenshaw's intervention, complaints were filed, alleging that his behavior violated college policy.

Attempts to mediate the situation were unsuccessful, and Crenshaw was ultimately let go, according to published reports.

Crenshaw filed a lawsuit against Erskine and former Erskine president Dr. David Norman in 2014, a suit in which he argued that he had been wrongfully discharged.

A jury sided with Crenshaw and awarded him $600,000 in damages, but the trial judge granted a motion from Erskine to overrule the jury.

Crenshaw appealed this decision, and an appeals court overturned the trial court's decision.

On Jan. 15, the state Supreme Court heard the case and upheld the original judge's decision to overrule the jury.

The Supreme Court decision came in a 3-2 decision, published reports state.

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