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Toolin' around

People love to drive their golf carts on Abbeville city streets

Golf carts are seen more and more on Abbeville streets.

They're fun to tool around in, but are they being used properly?

Assistant Police Chief Nick Moore spoke Monday about the carts.

"Most of them are electric, but they do make gas ones," he said.

Golf carts are allowed on city streets and secondary highways. The Old Calhoun Falls Highway is an example of a secondary highway, but not Highway 72, which is a primary highway.

For more information, one may call Moore at 366-5832.

The golf cart also has to have a permit from the highway department, proof of ownership and liability insurance.

"You're only supposed to be four miles from your address, from where the golf cart is registered," he said, noting that you can only drive your cart up to four miles from where the golf cart is registered.

Finally, a cart may be driven only during the daylight hours.

According to South Carolina law, the driver must be at least 16 years of age and hold a valid driver's license, Moore continued.

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