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Does Lake Secession case involve litigation?

Have Lake Secession residents hired an attorney?

At Wednesday night's Abbeville City Council meeting, the City Council chamber was packed with people, as it was for the April City Council meeting - although the crowd was slightly smaller than the one for the April meeting, as no one Wednesday night had to sit in the hall.

At the very end of the meeting, there was a public comment section, for people to express concerns.

Selena Goodwin-Hay spoke about the speed limit on North Main, and then Mayor Trey Edwards closed the public comment section.

At this point, a lady from the audience stood up and expressed concerns, indicating that Lake Secession residents had at the previous City Council meeting been promised half an hour in which to express their views.

The Lake Secession residents had been upset over a $150 annual dock fee which the City of Abbeville is instituting.

Wednesday night, Trey Edwards indicated to the audience that a group of Lake Secession residents had already conferred with City of Abbeville representatives on the dock fee matter.

He also indicated that the closure of the public comment section was due to "ongoing litigation."

The City Council then voted to go into executive session, and during the break in the meeting before executive session, one disgruntled Lake resident approached Mayor Edwards to express his dissatisfaction.

He and the other members of the audience left the Chamber amid a heavy police presence.

During a break in the meeting, Mayor Trey Edwards said that a number of Lake property owners are working with an attorney on the matter.

The following message was posted on the Friends of Lake Secession Facebook page:

"After attending the scheduled meeting and arriving at 6:30 for discussions, as promised by the distinguished (now very debatable) Mayor Trey Edwards, we were shunned and eluded. One community member asked would we be allowed to ask questions/discuss the dock fee topic at 6:45 and was told we would have to wait to the end, and we did, only to be told there would be NO discussion!"

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