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Election results

Runoff slated between Freeman, Edwards

Abbeville County residents went to the polls yesterday, choosing from a variety of candidates on the local, state and national levels.

The Abbeville County voter registration and elections office supplied unofficial vote totals.

Locally, there were a number of contested races. Abbeville Mayor Delano Freeman was being challenged by Trey Edwards, Josh Baughman and Eric Delgado.

Baughman received 26.64 percent, Delgado 16.91 percent, Edwards 27.79 percent, and Freeman 28.39 percent.

There will be a runoff election between Freeman and Edwards on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Abbeville City Council member Jim Grant was facing a challenge from Matt Gambrell, and Gambrell prevailed, winning 60 percent of the vote.

County Council member Charles Goodwin, a Democratic incumbent, faced a challenge from Republican Nicole Matthews, and Goodwin prevailed, winning 67.82 percent.

Democratic incumbent Ronnie Ashley faced Republican challenger Mark Dorn for Abbeville County Coroner, and Dorn won, receiving 51.56 percent of the vote.

In U.S. House District Three, Jeff Duncan, the Republican incumbent, faced Democratic challenger Hosea Cleveland. In Abbeville County, Duncan received 68.18 percent of the vote.

In State Senate District Four, Republican incumbent Mike Gambrell faced Democratic challenger Jose Villa Pliego, and Gambrell in Abbeville County got 79.13 percent of the vote.

In State Sen. District 10, Democratic incumbent Floyd Nicholson faced Republican challenger Billy Garrett, and Garrett in Abbeville County received 63.08 percent of the vote.

In State House District Seven, Republican incumbent Jay West faced Democratic challenger Andrea Bejarano-Robinson, and West in Abbeville County received 44.19 percent of the vote.

David Brooks in the Abbeville County School District Board of Trustees in Area Five, ran unopposed, with a write in candidacy from Patricia Davis.

At press time, the unofficial results showed Brooks winning by a total of 75.08 percent, or 678 votes, compared to a write in vote of 225.

Billy Kennedy was reelected Mayor of Donalds, with 75 percent of the vote.

Abbeville County voters joined voters across the Palmetto State in casting ballots for the U.S. Senate race, where Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham was facing Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison.

In Abbeville County, Graham received 64.52 percent of the vote, and he won statewide as well.

The alcohol sales referendum in the county passed, with over 60 percent of voters voting yes.

Turnout was heavy, with 77.58 percent. A total of 12,521 voters turned out.

“We had a total of 6,320 absentees,” said voter registration director Kim London.


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