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Letter Re: Lamar T. West Sr.'s Commentary of August 19, 2020

By Susan Jordan

In the second to last paragraph of that Commentary, about the land situated on the corner of Chestnut and Washington Streets here in Abbeville, he wrote, "We do hope we are mistaken, and our City Council knows something we don't."

With respect, Abbeville's City Council is not supposed to "know something we don't." The members of this City's Council were elected by us, Abbeville's public citizens, to answer our concerns and serve our interests. We have every right to know what City Council members know and why they know it.

In Lamar West's Commentary, he wondered why this City's Council... "with no discussion in 'open session' during a council meeting" voted unanimously "to rezone that property to allow the apartments to be built."

Why was there no discussion in open session? Did Council ask for public discussion or comments or questions? If not, why?

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA 1967), the American public "has the right to know" what its government is doing. The current Mayor and City Council are our public representatives, but they continue to confuse and insult us with decisions made without discussion or in "Executive (closed door) Sessions."

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