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Letter to the editor: Tabitha Brantly

Updated: Mar 19, 2020


It is time to wake up and see what is happening right under our noses. Are you aware of the City Council approved apartment building on Chestnut Street? Don't get me wrong. A new apartment building that will house over 200 residents is fine with me, but on Chestnut Street? There is no room!

Council needs to look again to find property more suitable with more space for this kind of development. Chestnut should be reserved for something that will benefit the whole community. Placing the building here will cut off any growth and future possibilities for something to benefit the town. We may want to save this space for something families could enjoy together. There must be other options for a better location for apartments. We need to stand up against the lady from N.C. trying to pressure us into this ridiculous plan.

Come on, Abbeville, don't give in to this. How would you feel if you were getting 200 neighbors all at once? Neighbors you know nothing about? Two-hundred is an overwhelming abundance of people to be placed in such a quiet and peaceful neighborhood.

Build the apartments somewhere more suitable. Save Chestnut Street for a business that may want to be near the town square. Let's make this a win-win outcome.


Tabitha Brantly

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