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Letter to the editor: Jim Irwin

Has our County elected personnel lost their minds? The only time the school trustees and county council know you is when they want your vote to get re-elected for another four years. Check their voting record and see how badly each voted!

I believe several are getting scared and hope no one runs against them! We need to get qualified people to run against them. Vote the bad ones out.

How many voted to increase your county taxes 5 mills? The 5 mill increase by the county council along with 15 percent on reassessment of property value plus the $74.2 million bond referendum for a new high school and football field is too much!

If the Coronavirus continues to increase, this is going to be a disaster as the stock market is going to affect your company retirement drastically. There will be a shortage of funds available and cost the investor!

If the $74.2 million school referendum passes along with all the other increases coming, everyone is in trouble financially.

More households won't be able to pay their county taxes. Some will lose their homes!

The property owners need to be aware of these problems before they are taxed out of their homes. We need to take a stand!

Abbeville County has not gotten any new industry and the property owners are being overtaxed. It is time to stop excessive spending to make themselves look good! Stop the thought of taking trash from another county and paying us. It will fill up our landfill. This is dumb!

Jim Irwin

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