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Letter to the editor: Eric Delgado

Submitted by Eric Delgado, candidate for Abbeville Mayor

My name is Eric Delgado and I am a candidate for Mayor.

My platform is transparency, accountability, and community empowerment.

*All information is taken from the City of Abbeville’s Downtown Revitalization Plan.

The situation we are in:

  • An 18% decline in population between 1990 (6,323 people) and 2014 (5,191 people), in a county that has also experienced double digit decline in population over the past 10+ years

  • A higher median age of 47.5 years old with approximately 1/3 of the City’s population being 60 years of age or older.

  • Abbeville’s per capita income of $17,393 which lags that of Greenwood by 20% and the State by 33%. The City’s poverty rate for 2017 was estimated to be approximately 22.7% compared to the statewide average of 16.6%.

  • Household vacancy rates which come out to 12% or 307 units may be cause for concern as to the general condition of Abbeville’s housing stock.

  • And the median home value for owner occupied units is $80,400 which is 40% lower than the statewide median home value.

People say, “Abbeville will never change.” That’s not true. What’s true is that Abbeville CAN’T change if people don’t vote for CHANGE.

Voting for your friends, church members and family names doesn’t work.

Vote for competence and a plan. Here is my plan:

  • Main Street USA

  • Increase Arts, Culture, Events, Tourism,>Fun<.

  • Bring and Sustain Business.

  • Work with County and satellite towns for same - concerted effort and plan

  • Let Abbeville be known as “Main Street USA”

  • Where there are things to do for everyone - all ages and backgrounds - residents and tourists

  • Every business, event, tourist - is an opportunity

  • For full-time jobs

  • For homeownership

  • For education

  • For part-time jobs for high school and college students

Whether they use that experience (in technology, culinary, business, sports, medicine) to STAY in Abbeville or whether they use that experience as a springboard out of Abbeville to live and be successful elsewhere (and maybe return to raise their children), Main Street USA is the key.

And we do it all with:

  • Transparency: No more secrets. Understandable for citizens. Always above board.

  • Accountability: The buck stops here. Report on progress. Fix the problem. More than talk.

  • Community Empowerment: Citizens are boss. Listen, then Act. People Know Best!


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