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Letter to the editor: Geoff Hult

Dear Editor,

We all agree that misinformation can be a dangerous and bad thing, especially when it comes to matters of great importance. Matters of great importance like, say, a worldwide pandemic and vaccines that will allegedly stem the tide of said pandemic and save humanity.

If the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines currently on the roll out are indeed safe and effective, to the tune of a 95% success rate, then misinformation about this truth should indeed be combatted. However, what is the real misinformation?

The major media tells us all the time about misinformation and “conspiracy theories” that are spreading like wildfire and must be censored and stopped. This justifies censorship of anything other than the official narrative; and Pharma, the media, and the government would not lie to us, would they?

A few questions to consider before moving on to the next points: Who believes entities like Pfizer and Moderna are here to help and heal people? They do not make money when the population is actually healthy. Who believes the major media is in the business of reporting accurate and truthful information? All news anchors are given scripts to read. They are actors and actresses, not journalists. Who believes the government is here to help you?

The word government comes from the latin ‘guvernare,’ which means to control, and ‘mentis,’ which means mind. The word government itself literally means the control of the mind.

There are many lamenting the “misinformation” about the COVID-19 vaccine that is being spread through “social media.” It’s easy to write this off as coming from social media because then, without investigation, people will believe no one of importance or with credentials is speaking out against the vaccine. The truth is, many health care professionals, PhDs, MDs, and nurses around the world oppose this vaccine and have the courage to speak out about it. This puts their licenses and careers in jeopardy not to toe the line and so many stay silent for that reason as well.

Approximately half of the US population is opposed to taking this vaccine, and this is representative of all walks of life including those in the medical industry. Is this because they have all been suckered into believing the “misinformation,” or is it because the truth is getting out there regarding vaccines and the COVID-19 vaccine in particular?

I learned about vaccines over the last five years, and more recently the Covid vaccine, not by social media, but from listening to doctors and nurses speak at length about the subject. The websites and contain many stories daily about doctors and nurses speaking about the Covid vaccine, as well as reporting on the injuries and deaths that are currently happening in connection with the roll out of the “95% effective” vaccines.

I have followed this throughout 2020 and have listened to many doctors refute the “safe and effective” mantra. Let's see those doctors get a platform on major media outlets for live, uncensored debates and let the public decide what the real misinformation is. As well, Dr. Paul Thomas, MD, of Oregon recently conducted a lengthy study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. His findings were that the unvaccinated children were far healthier over time than the vaccinated. The Oregon medical board suspended his license within five days of the results of this study being published. Not because he conducted a faulty study or did bad science, but because his findings did not fit the Pharma and media narrative.

Remember, vaccines and illness are big business and good health is not. The “safe and effective” mantra is the real misinformation.

Dig in and do your own research on these matters:; (this site run by osteopathic doctor Sherri Tenpenny);;; (this site run by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.)

Geoff Hult 366-3993

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