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Letter to the editor: Janet T. Vandiver

Dear Editor,

Since March, I have had a couple of stays in our local hospital (AAMC) and I am reminded how blessed we are to have such a great medical facility in our midst.

Based on my personal experience, I commend AAMC on the following points:

Within 15 minutes after I arrived, I was being seen in the ER (contrasted to 6 hours in another hospital ER).

All of the medical personnel that I encountered were knowledgeable and explained what treatment I was going to receive and why.

Several doctors have been involved in my treatment plan and all have inspired confidence.

The camaraderie among the staff is so positive that it lifts one's spirits.

The food was tasty and nourishing.

The discharge went smoothly. My paperwork was completed and ready for me to leave once I finished my treatment (again contrasted to a situation in another hospital where I waited all day just to get the paperwork completed before I could go home).

Ever since I had a medical crisis in 2007 and the ER doctor told my daughter that I would not have lived had I been two minutes later arriving at the hospital, I have appreciated having AAMC so close to my home. It pleases me to know that our hospital has not only maintained the care it gives, but it continues to improve the quality of services provided.

Sometimes we take things for granted, and I just wanted to remind others that we are really blessed to have available to us a hospital and medical community like AAMC.


Janet T. Vandiver

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