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Letter to the editor: Jim Irwin

When you are riding down the highway and you smell a skunk, you don’t see one, but you know it has been there!

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 the school district trustees voted to pull the plug on the school bond referendum for April 28th, but the fine print indicates it will be back. Did the governor give them the okay to bring up the 74.2 million bond referendum at a later date? Spend wisely or resign!

Trustee chairman made a statement at the February 25, 2020 trustee meeting that the people of Abbeville County should scale down on their family vacations, eat out less and use their savings to help pay for the new high school. Seems he wants to tell each individual how to run their household finances. He does not pay our property taxes! Is this unity or dictatorship?

This was a dumb statement!

The head of each household has worked all year and saved money for a family vacation— this is unity of the household— they are putting family first!! By law, let the taxpayers vote YES or NO on the referendum bond!

If this bond referendum ever passes it will be a disaster for all households. If you buy a new vehicle and cannot pay for it, it will be reposed!! The same thing happens if you can’t afford to pay your property taxes. Your home will be sold!

Do you want anyone to lose their homes due to excessive property taxes? The answer is NO! Maintain your existing buildings.

Are the trustees and district office interested in education or a new sports complex for the Abbeville area??

County Council has their dumb moments and they fit into the category of the skunk! Abbeville County is a council form of government!! Do you understand your duties?

Rumor has it—the landfill director who is hired help wants to put $200,000 in the upcoming budget to buy two dump trailers to haul trash from another county to make himself look good and fill up the present landfill—this is a Dumb move—He doesn’t live in Abbeville County, therefore he pays no property taxes in Abbeville County. The property owner will have to pay for a new landfill.

Take the projected $200,000 and apply that toward new software for our computer systems. We need to upgrade.

County council and the school trustees need to wake up. The property owners have had enough.

Vote them out in the upcoming election! Let your thoughts be known to your council person.

- Jim Irwin

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