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Letter to the Editor: Jim Irwin

It seems our Council personnel has been in the backwoods so long that they do not know how to run a business unless they increase your fees, bonds and taxes.

If necessary, trim the budget more. The property owners can only stand so much. Get new business instead of using trash from Oconee County as a new economic development business! Thanks for the letters to Council from several property owners concerning the Oconee trash!

Council, you tried to hide the trash to come from Oconee County. The biggest no-no was going into executive session April 27, 2020 at the budget workshop. This was not a confidential matter! This was open session business! This was a dirty trick and it was exposed. After executive session, there was not a vote. Therefore, it is dead in the water.

Council chairman had to go along with the other councilmen to keep from being a sore thumb. Therefore, it is time to vote several Council members out June 9, 2020 at the primary! Seems we do not have many people on Council that have guts to take a stand and see through the smoke. Some progress has been made, but not enough.

Guess what: don’t forget the bond referendum for a new high school and football complex mentioned in the Index-Journal. Do not throw your “Vote No” signs away. It will be coming up to be voted on in the near future. County Council and the School District Trustees are going to break us. Keep your ears open and ask questions!! Jim Irwin

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