Planning for rural fire substation in works

A rural fire substation could become a reality this summer in rural Abbeville County.

Abbeville County Director David Garner recently explained the plans for the substation.

"The McIlwain substation is a part of Cold Springs Fire Department, and will be located on McIlwain Road," said Garner.

"It's a substation meant to cover a portion of the county outside of a 5 mile radius required to lower insurance rates and reduce response times in those areas," he said.

"The funding will come from the county as well as the fire department," he continued.

"The fire commission has a committee that is working with Cold Springs so the county is only providing some of the funding for the station."

The substation is expected to be about half the size of a regular fire station, and would house three vehicles -- an engine, a tanker and a brush truck, according to Chuck Bagwell, assistant chief for Cold Spring fire department, and the structure is to be located about eight miles from the city of Abbeville, near Old Douglas Mill Road.

"As soon as it dries out, we're going to break ground," said Bagwell. "It will be in service in several months, depending on the weather."

The county allotted $63,000 to build the station and we have $30,000 to equip it," Bagwell said.

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