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Speed bumps placed along Church Street

Speed bumps have been placed along Church Street, a thoroughfare which at least one person has described as a bypass for downtown Abbeville.

There have been a number of complaints that many people exceed the 25-miles-per-hour speed limit along Church Street.

Jason Edwards, who lives on Church Street, represents District Six on Abbeville City Council.

“Several of the neighbors had complained to me about speeding on the street,” he said

Friday. “And we’ve recently had two traffic incidents where speeding wasn’t the main cause, but if the humps had been in place the drivers would have been paying more attention.”

“I put a request in with the City Manager to have it reviewed,” he went on to say.

The speed bumps, one of which is located near Trinity Episcopal Church, and the other at the other end of the street near its intersection with Walnut Street, were installed by City personnel on Wednesday, Feb. 3, according to reports.

“The majority of the road is a City road,” said Blake Stone, Abbeville City Manager Tuesday.

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