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Town of Calhoun Falls reported to owe money to Dominion Energy

The Town of Calhoun Falls owes Dominion Energy more than $100,000, the Town reported.

"We currently owe Dominion Energy $155,240.51," according to information provided by the Town of Calhoun Falls Tuesday.

The Town also owes the City of Abbeville money with regard to its water payments. The City of Abbeville sells the Town water, and the Town is behind in its payments - the Town and the City are in the midst of efforts to resolve the issue.

"The City accounts for all water sold to Calhoun Falls through a meter on the Hwy 72 waterline," according to the City of Abbeville. "The Town of Calhoun Falls is only billed for water which passes through that meter. Once the water passes through that meter, it is the responsibility of the Town of Calhoun Falls to account for and track.

"The Town of Calhoun Falls is currently $171,190.11 in arrears on water payments.

Much of the money owed to Dominion Energy, meanwhile, is in connection with the energy costs associated with the Town's wastewater treatment plant," Town of Calhoun Falls officials have said.

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