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Welcome Center directors visit Abbeville

The City of Abbeville recently extended a welcome for Welcome Center representatives, Abbeville City Manager Blake Stone told City Council recently.

On March 3, the City of Abbeville hosted a visit by the State Welcome Center Directors who toured the Opera House and the downtown area.

The tour was deemed a success despite rainy weather in Abbeville.

One of the many facets of the City's development program is tourism, and tourism is fueled by exposure to larger audiences to attract potential visitors to come tour the area, explained Abbeville City Manager Blake Stone in a memo to the Abbeville City Council and Mayor Delano Freeman.

A method to facilitate this is to maintain a good relationship with the South Carolina Welcome Centers.

Strategically located at nine major arteries of public travel throughout the state, those Welcome Centers help provide information for potential tourists that enter the state about areas they may wish to visit.

The visit has been deemed a success and we hope that this continues to maintain a relationship that helps promote the City to visitors who come to South Carolina, Stone continued.

The City will comply with a measure approved by the state to require all electric utilities to prepare and submit an Integrated Resource Plan.

The City, Stone told the Mayor and Council, is required to submit an integrated resource plan naming the wholesale supplier of power, the contract period with the supplier, the SEPA allocation capacity, and in the case of the City, the hydroelectric plant output as well.

The plan will be submitted to the State Energy Office and will be posted on the City's Utility website, Stone continued.

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