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Woman mauled by dogs files suit

A woman who was attacked by dogs in the Honea Path area in 2022 and suffered devastating wounds has filed suit against Abbeville County, according to published reports.

Kyleen Waltman indicates that the county could have prevented the attack and the loss of both arms.

In the lawsuit that was filed on Feb. 15, Waltman's attorneys Tombo Hite and T. Matthew Bradley cite gross negligence on the county's part in the handling of prior complaints about the aggressive and dangerous behavior of dogs involved in the attack.

Waltman was attacked by a pack of dogs on Ball Road in Honea Path on March 21, 2022, and she received life-threatening injuries and the loss of both arms, according to published reports.

According to a release from Waltman's attorneys, multiple complaints were made to Abbeville County Animal Services about the nature of the dogs, but appropriate measures were not taken to make sure the community was safe.

The lawsuit said that Animal Services had received notice that there were vicious dogs unrestrained in the Ball Road area, published reports continue.

The release said that Abbeville County Animal Services failed to perform an adequate investigation, and failed to remove the dogs from the property to protect the public.

The attorneys went on to say that if proper action had been taken in response, the attack on Waltman could have been prevented.

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