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Council looks at masks

Abbeville City Council had a discussion Tuesday night of citizens' inquiries about a face mask ordinance to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

"It should be every individual's choice," said Council member Trey Edwards.

Council member Jason Edwards said he thinks face coverings are a good thing.

Council member Benji Greeson said, "I'm just against a mandate of masks."

Mayor Delano Freeman said he saw both sides.

"Let's watch the numbers," he said, noting that Abbeville should watch communities that have instituted mask mandates, and whether the coverings make a difference in terms of curbing the spread.

"I want to be here for my wife and children," he said.

"We'll see if Greenwood's numbers go down. We'll let this cook."

Council also approved an Emergency Ordinance -- No. 9-2020 -- continuing the state of emergency in the City of Abbeville, providing emergency procedures for meetings, and temporarily suspending certain procurement rules during the continuance of such emergency.

Council also approved second reading on Ordinance No. 8-2020, an ordinance amending an ordinance entitled "an ordinance providing for the issuance and sale of a City of Abbeville, South Carolina Hospitality Fee Revenue Bond, Series 2020, in the principal amount of not exceeding $425,000, amending Ordinance No. 2-2008, to adjust the date of the first payment due thereunder.

The ordinance is being amended to provide for a new repayment schedule.

Council passed first reading on Ordinance No. 11-2020, an ordinance amending Ordinance 11-2019 to account for the changes to the cost of secondary roll carts.

Council is amending an existing ordinance to account for the changes to the cost of secondary roll carts.

The City is trying to reduce the cost of the secondary roll carts to $7 from $11 per month.

Council also took action on mill village waterline bids, taking the bid of L&W, Inc.

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