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County coronavirus positive case rate rising

The number of positive cases of COVID-19 has nearly doubled in Abbeville County in recent weeks, according to DHEC data.

As of Sunday, June 14, at 3 p.m. there were 67 positive cases, but no deaths.

For weeks, the number of positive cases hovered around 35, but in recent days there has been a significant uptick.

In the state as a whole, there were 18,795 positive cases and 600 deaths.

Among Abbeville's neighboring counties, Anderson had 341 positive cases and nine deaths.

Greenwood had 304 positive cases and five deaths, while Laurens had 140 positive cases and four deaths.

McCormick County had 11 positive cases and one death.

Meanwhile, Meg Davis, Abbeville Area Medical Center marketing, foundation and volunteer services director, was asked about how the COVID-19 cases that have come through AAMC, and she referred the question to Dr. Chris Oxendine, a family medicine practitioner at the Healthcare Center.

"Our medical staff has been closely monitoring any positive COVID-19 cases that come through our facilities," stated Dr. Oxendine. "Positive cases are asked to quarantine at home. In the Lakelands area the majority of cases have recovered without incidence, however there have been hospitalized patients at AAMC and Self Regional."

The community COVID testing clinics have seen many people who have come into contact with someone who is positive. DHEC has reported no deaths of Abbeville County residents due to COVID-19 illness."

South Carolina is one of a number of states where there has been a sharp increase in positive cases. Others include Arizona and Florida.

In another coronavirus note, Time Magazine recently had an article about countries which seem to have handled the pandemic fairly well. They include Iceland, Greece, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Australia.

They had comparatively few positive cases, and comparatively few deaths as well.

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