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Letter to our advertisers

107 W. Pickens St.

Abbeville, SC 29620

Phone: 864-366-5461

Fax: 864-366-5463

To our friends, subscribers and advertisers,

After a tough month or so, we hope you have been making the necessary arrangements to reopen and get back to doing what Americans do best: WORK.

Selling what you sell and doing what you do to earn a living may have been deemed non-essential, but to you, what you do or sell is definitely essential. It is essential for you to live free and provide for your family.

The news media is considered essential, and we have been doing our best to continue keeping the people of Abbeville County and the Lakelands informed of the steps made locally to help keep our community safe in addition to letting you know which locales are open, closed and making deliveries.

More than anything, we are humbled by and grateful for our healthcare providers, public servants, farmers, grocery store workers, delivery drivers and many others who kept working their hardest to help provide for our needs.

We are excited to know it is time to begin reopening our doors and welcoming our customers back while respecting social distancing. Maintaining social distancing means no hand shaking or hugs, which will be tough for us Southerners.

For your advertising and printing needs in Abbeville County, please contact us. We will be happy to drop by and see you (with a mask on if necessary).

Wash your hands and give us a call.

The Press and Banner John R. West, Sales 107 West Pickens Street-PO Box 769 864-378-0765 (mobile)

Abbeville, South Carolina 29620 Lamar T. West, Sales 864-366-5461 864-391-6610 (mobile)

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